Murder at Midnight: An Interactive Investigative Assignment (b1.0.0)

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2020


Murder at Midnight is an investigation simulation to help students learn the basics of investigating a crime scene.

In this scenario you play a detective currently working in the homicide bureau.  You’ve  been assigned to the unattended death of a white male, approximately 27 years of age.  The address is 1573 Trail Ridge Road.

The victim, Eric Jefferson, was found in his apartment Saturday at approximately 3:30 am when his roommate, Andrew Monroe, returned home.

The choices you make and the observations you record will determine how your story ends, so work within the time limits and pay attention to details.



Work your way through the story. Base your decisions on your observations and the information you gather along the way.

Additional Instructions:

When you have completed the preliminary investigation of the crime scene and placed evidence tents on or near the items you plan to submit to the department forensics laboratory:

  1. Take a “print screen” shot of the crime scene
    1. You can upload your saved image as an attachment to the assignment
  2. Describe each item you have selected using the tent number to help identify the item
    1. In your description explain why you tented that particular item
    2. For each item list the laboratory examination(s) you would request
  3. Submit your Screenshots to your supervisor

System Requirements

For best results please use the recommended browsers Chrome or Firefox for this activity. This game is not supported by Safari.
  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Any recent desktop version of Firefox, Chrome
  • Windows 8 or later; Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • Not Available on iOS and Android mobile devices

How To

Your User Interface

  1. Mode Indicator — There are 3 Modes. Each on helps you navigate the Scene.
    1. Standard — for normal walking. The screen will move with your Mouse.
    2. Mouse Mode — Stops your Character from moving and allows you use your mouse.
    3. Tent Editing Mode — Some times your tent is placed facing the wrong direction. Use this mode to rotate to face the Right Direction.
  2. The Cursor Icon — Lets you know where your Mouse is. In Standard Mode it is locked to the center of the screen
  3. Tent Icon — Lets you know how many tents you have in your inventory. If you use them all. You may need to pick one up and move it to a better location.
  4. Notepad Icon — This button will open your notepad. It keeps your notes about the investigation in it.


Moving (Walking Around)


Changing Modes

Toggles the player from Standard Mode to Mouse Mode. Press again to get back to Standard Mode.
Toggles the player from Mouse Mode to Tent Editing Mode (Only in Mouse Mode). Press again to get back to Mouse Mode.
Left Mouse Click (LMB)
Left Click to Place and Pick Up Tents.
Right Mouse Click (RMB)
Right Click Over the Magnifying glass to inspect an Element.

Holding Objects

Left Mouse Click (LMB)
Some objects can be held. you can do this by walking up to an item. Press and hold the LMB and
Right Mouse Click (RMB)
While holding the LMB you are able to rotate the item by pressing and holding the RMB.
Scroll Wheel
To bring the item close you use your mouse's scroll wheen to bring it closer or further away.