Premium Learning Design
Made Simple

Three Reasons People Love Iled

Personalized approach

Personalized approach
to help you create successful learning experiences

Proven design tools

Proven design tools
that are practical and
simple to use

Creative community

Creative community
of professionals
for learning together



The Institute for Learning Environment Design is on a mission to make premium learning design simple. We partner with you to envision, design, and implement exceptional learning experiences.

  • Solve Complex Problems with Elegant Solutions
  • Create Innovative Learning Programs
  • Optimize Learning and Performance Results
  • Overcome Barriers to Innovation and Change
  • Grow Your Team and Organization
Design Services

Certification Program

Learn how to create great learning experiences using our proven methods and tools.

The Learning Environment Design certification program equips you to create experiences that help people learn by providing the complete training needed to envision, design, build, and deliver successful learning experiences.

Upon successful completion of this certification program and requirements, you will earn the Certified Learning Environment Architect (CLEA) credential.

Obtaining a CLEA gives you the ability to set yourself apart in your industry or organization. The CLEA program designates you as a thought leader in the design of diverse learning environments including courses, training programs, support systems, and physical learning spaces. This makes you highly competitive in a job market where organizations are recognizing the importance of quality learning experiences.

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