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Whether you're a student or faculty member looking for research and innovation support or a business looking for expert insight, you will find the CeCE IDEA Team to be an ideal partner in your ambitions.

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We do a lot of things here at CeCE and we are always looking for new ways to help students in the classroom.Click the button below if you need:

  • Help, and not sure with what ask us anyways
  • Solutions to technology and media problems
  • Consulting on the latest digital tools for the classroom
  • Help with integrating new technologies into your classroom
  • To create an interactive experience or applications
  • Digital tools for the Classroom
  • Help with creating a learning based narrative
  • Help with a grant or educational project
  • To you show something cool to us
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Who We Work With

  • UCO Faculty
  • UCO Administration
  • UCO Students
  • Other Institutions
  • Businesses
  • Anyone

Project Catalog

You can use the project catalog on our home page or our blog to help spark new ideas or find solutions that you might want to implement into your course.