KPI Dashboard

Project Lead: Sean Gausman

System Requirement: Modern Browser

Category: Data Analysis

Last Updated: 08/15/2018


  • Analysis
  • Projections


The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard uses Web-based charts to present student enrollment, completion, GPA, and course mode data for CeCE strategy team, UCO administrators, and department chairs and deans in order to make decisions regarding program and course offerings, faculty assignments, etc.

Philosophy of the KPI Dashboard
We provide data, you make decisions.

The goal of this project is to automate manual processes and provide meaningful data to decision-makers in order to increase efficiency. Users know their departments better than we do, but by providing current information, users can make informed decisions for themselves that optimize instructor, course, mode, and classroom usage to best suit their needs. 

Data should be available and easy to use.

If data is hard to access or understand, people are unlikely to use it. By creating a pleasant and easy-to-use interface, we hope to improve the user's experience when making data-informed decisions.

Maintain a feedback loop.

We always welcome feedback. Additionally, we use beta testing to gather information from the users in order to ensure client satisfaction and increase dashboard usage.



First, you will need access to the KPI Dashboard. Use this form to request access, or contact us for a demo. Once you gain access, you can navigate charts to see current term statistics or view projections for next semester.


Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to Liz Crowell & Sean Gausman.