Wiley Sophocles

Faculty Sponsor: Daisy Nystul

Project Lead: Robert Wall

Tech Used: Unity

System Requirement: Modern Browser

Category: Technology Integration for Courses

Last Updated: 05/25/2015


  • Storytelling
  • Immersion


Wiley Sophocles is an interactive adventure story created for Daisy Nystul. Dr, Nystul wanted to create an immersive environment to help the student understand the various theatrics plays and how each region and time period difference from each other especially in terms of storytelling and topic.

We treated Wiley Sophocles like a Video and had our Script Writer, Spike Alkire, create a story around what our instructor wanted and we created simple storyboards from them. We took it to our Graphic Designer and turned these crazy stick figures into art assets that we could use as assets in creating the game itself.