Motion Capture: Research

Project Lead: Robert Wall

Tech Used: xbox Kinect, Unity, iPi Motion Software

System Requirement: 2 Mid Class Computers, 2 Xbox Kinect Sensors

Category: Animation and Special Effects Support

Last Updated: 11/20/2015


  • Markerless Body Tracking
  • Inexpensive


The motion capture system is a great tool for making natural-looking animations. The primary use of this technology is to create animations for 3D models automatically instead of spending time and money on creating them manually. This technology has proven to be very helpful for the Center for eLearning and Customized Education department at UCO. Due to heavy dependency on the animations, motion capture has helped immensely in creating simple motions like walking and running in very little time. Before, we had to manually animate these movements, but now all it takes is to capture the movement using Xbox Kinects and import those files into our projects. The animations we make using this technology is usually implemented in the instructional games and videos that we design for the faculty members.