Courtroom Simulator

Project Lead: Zain Chishti

Category: Interactive Design

Last Updated: 02/19/2021


  • A progressive experience based on user input
  • Transcripts are stored to let students review their answers
  • An immersive experience with real-world questions and settings


Courtroom Simulator is a web-based interactive exercise for students to engage in a hypothetical courtroom scenario. It allows users to take the stand as a witness in a courtroom and answer questions based on the information provided. Students will be able to gain real-world experience through the judicial system and understand the inner workings of the legal system.

Simulator Roles

The two roles offered are between a Lab Examiner and a Crime Scene Tech. The two roles will be used to help users to understand the courtroom from their perspectives.

Katheryn Spurgeon

Lab Examiner
Expert Witness
36 Questions

Mathew Jester

Crime Scene Tech
Lay Witness
29 Questions


Students will be sworn in by a court bailiff similar to a real court. Each question asked will allow the student to type an answer for their particular role. Each question will increase in specified information as the simulation progresses.

  • Please use a browser like Chrome or Firefox. This game is not supported by Safari.
  • Refresh the browser after completing the first character to complete the simulation for the other character.
  • Please avoid using any special characters such as *&%$.