Experiential Learning

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Trevor Cox, Jennifer Foster, Shay Rahm

Project Lead: Robert Wall, Sean Gausman, Zain Chishti

Category: Interactive Design

Last Updated: 01/01/2021


  • Online Collaboration
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Replicable Tools


The IDEA Team created four virtual experiential learning assignments to allow students to virtually experience projects that were previously only possible in person. The assignments focus on allowing students to virtually collaborate to build and restructure essays with Interactive Essay, receive tangible feedback on persuasive speeches with Persuasive Speech, turn their paper presentation poster into a robust online presentation with Digital Poster, and simulate first-hand experience of what it is like to lead a team on a dangerous adventure with Forward - Leadership Simulation.

Additionally, a Cookbook was created to serve as a guide for designing, implementing, and assessing virtual experiential learning assignments in order to increase student access to quality experiential learning material.

Experiential Learning Projects

Forward - Leadership Simulation

Dr. Trevor Cox initiated Forward for his Foundations of Organizational Leadership course. His goal was to take a role-playing assignment generally done in person and turn it into an interactive leadership simulating video game.

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Digital Poster

Dr. Trevor Cox initiated Digital Poster for his Organizational Leadership Capstone course. His goal was to take the existing, physical poster presentation assignment and make it virtual.

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Persuasive Speech

Jennifer Foster initiated Persuasive Speech for her course, Fundamentals of Speech. The goal was to recreate the in-person experience of giving a speech and receiving tangible feedback in a virtual environment.

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Interactive Essay

Shay Rahm initiated Interactive Essay with the goal of taking a lecture-heavy assignment and turning it into a collaborative and hands-on virtual experience.

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