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The UCO eStudio has a broad range of video styles we can produce. The most common style is by far Green Screen, but we have many other possibilities as well. Watch this compilation of some of the work we have done, and check out some of our specific videos from each style of production below. If you have ideas for something not represented in these videos, feel free to ask. We are constantly updating technology and moving forward with the production industry.

Green Screen

Green Screen is our most common form of production at the UCO eStudio. When most people think of green screen, they think of a weather map on the news, or cheesy flying through space examples. We use the green screen to provide the highest level of flexibility. Most commonly we add in a gradient background (just like the white to gray example here) but can also bring in other backgrounds of physical locations that are not feasible to shoot in. In this example you see Chintamani in an apartment building as well.


Most instructors have probably used a white board in a face-to-face class many times. The inherent problem with a whiteboard for video is that you are turning your back to the camera while writing, and then standing in front of the content so it is not fully visible. The LightBoard allows you to write while continuing to face the camera, and ensures your writing and drawings won’t be covered up afterwards. The big question everyone asks is “Do I have to learn to write backwards?”. The answer is no. Just do everything like you normally would, and then we flip the image during editing. Just avoid wearing clothing with graphics or text that will look odd if flipped.

Professional Interview

Interview videos are a great way to give students a look into their future by bringing in professionals in the field to share their experiences. This style typically generates multiple videos to be used throughout the semester. Some instructors like to use multiple questions from a single person, others like to have multiple people answering a single question relating to that module. There are many ways to utilize this style.

Live Interview

The live interview style is very similar to a talkshow host interviewing a guest. It gives you the ability to introduce your guest, be active in the information, and steer the conversation as needed. It is also a more engaging style for the viewer.


There are some things that are just simply easier to show visually than to explain through text. This example was from a series of videos demonstrating stretching techniques. The students were assigned to watch all the videos before coming to class. Once in class they had more time to practice these techniques with a specialist and get one-on-one feedback and support, as opposed to the specialist spending the bulk of the time on just the demonstrations.

Screen Capture

We have all watched lengthy screen capture videos to learn new skills on computers and mobile devices. We try to bring in a different approach where the instructor is looking at the camera, addressing their students, when not actively demonstrating something on screen. This creates an environment simulating a face to face interaction with the instructor and helps to engage the students.

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