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Captioning is a very important part of the video production process at UCO. All videos used in UCO online courses should be captioned to keep us in compliance with ADA and Section 508 guidelines. Additionally, captioning makes videos more accessible to all of our students. Many students utilize captioning for watching videos in places where it may not be appropriate to play the audio, reading along, or saving the transcript to reference it later. All in all, captioning videos makes for a better learner experience for everyone.

We have two different captioning methods, Professional Captioning and Machine Captioning. Machine Captioning can be done by you through D2L or through UCO On Demand, and only takes about 30 minutes to process. Computers process the audio from the video and generate the captions. This process is very quick, but will need significant proofing and editing to make sure the captions are correct.

Professional Captioning is the most reliable and needs the least amount of correcting, but does take a few days to process. The captions go through the machine captioning process, and then are proofed by 2 individual people to ensure a more reliable result. This is the preferred method for captioning, but if you need a faster turnaround you do have the Machine Captioning option.

To request professional captions click on the "Request Captions" button below, and fill out the Caption Request form. To learn more about requesting and editing captions, check out the videos at the bottom of the page.

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