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Why Are Captions Important?

Captioning is a very important part of the video production process at UCO. All videos used in UCO online courses should be captioned to keep us in compliance with ADA and Section 508 guidelines. Additionally, captioning makes videos more accessible to all of our students. Many students utilize captioning for watching videos in places where it may not be appropriate to play the audio, reading along, or saving the transcript to reference it later. All in all, captioning videos makes for a better learner experience for everyone.

Machine Captioning

All videos uploaded to Kaltura (UCO's video server also known as UCO On Demand and D2L My Media) automatically have Machine Captioning ran on them. Computers process the audio from the video and generate the captions. This process is very quick and usually is completed in under 30 minutes. It can, however, be less accurate and more proofing and editing may be needed to make sure the captions are correct.

Professional Captioning

In addition to Machine Captioning UCO also offers Professional Captioning. This is a much more accurate service; however, it can take a few days to process and there is an additional charge to the University for this service. While CeCE covers this fee so there is no cost to your department, we do ask that you only use it when needed. To request Professional Captioning, click the "Request Professional Captioning" button below.

If you need help learning how to edit the captions on your videos, please watch the "Editing Closed Captions" video in the resources at the bottom of this page

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