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CeCE eStudio

Video Production Services

The UCO eStudio is a division of CeCE, the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments. We offer a broad range of video production services to our Faculty and Staff for use in the eLearning environment. Some of these include…

  • Audio Recordings
  • Screen Capture
  • Power Point Videos
  • Green Screen
  • LightBoard
  • Interview Videos
  • At the eStudio we strive to provide videos that engage the students and make them feel connected to the instructor, much as they would in a face-to-face class. For this reason, we do not record live classes to be added to an online course. Instead, we encourage instructors to tailor their content specifically to their eLearning students.

    The Process

    The best way to get connected with the eStudio is through working with an Instructional Designer who will help you design the course from the ground up. However, if you are not working with an ID, and are just wanting to add some video elements into a pre-existing eLearning course, you can fill out this form and a video producer will contact you to learn more about your project.

    We will work with you to plan out your shoot, and schedule times and locations. But you are responsible for providing the talent (the person/people in the video). Ideally this will be

    you, the instructor for the course, but occasionally may be professionals in the related field, other instructors from your department, or your students.

    From that point we handle the rest, up to loading the final video into your course. We will shoot and edit everything. Once it is complete we will send you a preview link through UCO On Demand where you will be able to watch the video before it goes to anyone else. Once you approve the video it will go through our captioning process, and then finally moved into your My Media folder in D2L. From there you will receive instructions on how to embed the video into your course.

    Recording Location

    On Location

    While it is often easier to work in a controlled environment such as the eStudio, it is sometimes more beneficial to shoot at a location somewhere else on campus, or even around the OKC Metro. While this involves more planning, it is something we are equipped to do and are happy to work with you to plan an On Location shoot.

    UCO eStudio

    The eStudio, located in the CeCE building at 201 N Bryant, is a flexible recording space that features green screen capability as well as our LightBoard. We also have several other spaces in the CeCE building that lend themselves well to video production, and provide great video backgrounds.

    Contact Us

    UCO eStudio
    Center for eLearning and Connected Environments
    201 N. Bryant, Edmond, OK 73034