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Interactive Video Courses (IVC) at UCO

Interactive Video Courses (IVC) are facilitated at specific times on campus in video-equipped classrooms. Students choose to attend in person or can join and interact remotely through their webcam-enabled device.

Benefits of IVC

Take Courses from Anywhere

IVC only requires you, an internet connection, and your computer.

Better Accessibility

IVC brings the classroom to your home or office, no matter your mobility.

Class Recordings

IVC sessions are often recorded, giving you a chance to catch up and review.

Flexible Scheduling

IVC brings unbeatable flexibility and convenience to the face-to-face classroom.

Weather Independent

IVC can save you from missing class during Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather.

Save Money on Commuting

IVC allows you to spend less on commuting to campus and more on your other needs.

What to Expect

Interactive Video allows for two-way communication between the instructor and a student. Both parties can see and hear each other as if everyone were in the same physical location - whether it be the classroom, your living room, or your office.
Some of the instructors record their lectures and share them with students for review.


Navigate to the eLearning Class Schedule to search for available IVC sections. Additionally, visit the IVC Offerings Database for more information on the classes we offer.

IVC Resources

To learn more about the specifics of Interactive Video Courses use links below.

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Magnifying glass on a table. Zoom Web Conferencing

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For questions concerning the Interactive Video Courses, please contact Stan Gravchikov at or (405) 974-5395.