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Hybrid Courses at UCO

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Hybrid courses blend online and face-to-face learning with most work completed in D2L and fewer scheduled meetings on campus. Look for these classes to include both WWW and a campus building as locations.

Benefits of Hybrid Courses


Hybrid courses offer you the chance to learn online, but still interact with your peers and instructor during scheduled classroom meetings on campus.


Hybrid courses allow faculty members to focus on active learning techniques in the classroom. Experience a more engaged engaged, fun, and impactful approach to learning.

Increased Learning

It’s no secret that both professors and students in hybrid courses report higher retention of information and greater success rates than traditional class sessions.

Are Hybrid Courses Right for You?

Hybrid courses provide students with a mixture of face-to-face and online learning, yet they are not right for every student. Be sure to complete the R-U READY ASSESSMENT to get an idea of how your lifestyle and habits might affect your success as an online or hybrid student. Successful students in hybrid courses tend to be able to:

  • Manage workloads and stay organized
  • Engage in online discussions just as much as face-to-face
  • Incorporate multiple learning styles
  • Attend all scheduled class sessions


Navigate to the eLearning Class Schedule to search for hybrid courses. You may also search for hybrid classes in UCONNECT by using the advanced search menu. Remember, hybrid courses sometimes look like online courses but also include a face-to-face classroom and meeting time.

Are you Prepared for a Hybrid Course?

This website features multiple resources for students to use while preparing to enroll and after the semester has begun. The pages under Prepare are intended to help you ensure you are ready to start your hybrid course, while Succeed offers resources that will help you once a class is underway.