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eLearning at UCO

The University of Central Oklahoma’s departments and Center for eLearning and Connected Environments partner to design online, hybrid, and Interactive Video Courses to be just as fulfilling, academically challenging, and intellectually rewarding as the on-campus experience. Taking web-based courses makes it possible to earn your UCO degree more quickly and with greater flexibility. Don’t put your life on hold.  Open your computer, log in, and start elearning today!

eLearning Courses at UCO

eLearning courses provide many opportunities to personalize and add flexibility to your educational experience. UCO offers students three different web-based course types.

  • Online courses are available entirely via the internet and use UCO's online learning management system (Brightspace by D2L) for accessing lessons and collaborating with students and instructors.

  • Hybrid courses replace 50% or more of the classroom time with online learning. Students in hybrid courses access them via UCO's online learning management system (Brightspace by D2L).

  • Interactive Video Courses (IVC) allow students to connect with their peers and instructor via video (using a high-speed internet connection and webcam) OR attend class in-person on the UCO campus. Students may choose one method or alternate between the two, depending on instructor preference.

Are You Ready to be an eLearner?

Life as a college student is anything but simple. eLearning courses can give you greater flexibility to achieve your personal and career goals while allowing you to manage your busy work and family schedules. However, are you truly ready for online courses? Take this Online Learning Readiness Quiz to find out.

Student Resources

To learn more about elearning courses at UCO, please view the following resources.

Student Concerns


For general student questions about elearning at UCO, please contact Glenda Todd at or (405) 974-2921.

For questions or concerns regarding technical difficulty or accessing online courses, please contact the UCO Service Desk at or (405) 974-2255.