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Self-Paced Online Courses at UCO

Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOC) provide departments with an opportunity to offer online courses in at least 18 available blocks throughout the academic year. There is no minimum enrollment required for SPOC and faculty are compensated at a per-student rate. CeCE accepts new SPOC offerings on an ongoing basis and renews course agreements on a yearly basis before the start of each fall term.

Benefits of SPOC

No Minimum Enrollment

Faculty are compensated per-student enrolled past the refund deadline.

Courses Not in Load

SPOC sections are not included in faculty teaching load.

Correspondence Learning

SPOC fulfills the University’s need for correspondence education.

Is SPOC Right for Your Program?

When utilized appropriately, SPOC is an effective and controlled way to augment any department’s online offerings. Departments that utilize SPOC have identified needs that include:

  • Difficulty maintaining a consistent variety of online course offerings
  • Growing demand for online class seats and course sections
  • Greater opportunity for flexible, self-directed learning for students

Getting Started

Contact Glenda Todd, SPOC Program Manager to initiate a new Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) offering. Once the College Dean has approved a SPOC offering, it may require development if the course has not been offered previously.

New SPOC offerings may be developed as:

All SPOC conversions and new offerings must be designed with and approved by the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments. See the Course Design at UCO page for more information.

Note: Faculty work with a CeCE Instructional Designer for new course developments. Converting an existing course from online to SPOC can be a quick, 1-2 week process. Brand new SPOC course developments usually begin within 60 days of initial application and take up to 16-weeks to complete the design with an additional period for evaluation against applicable UCO Online Quality Course guidelines.


For questions regarding Self-Paced Online Courses, students may contact the SPOC Office at (405) 974-2393 or email Department Chairs and Deans may contact Glenda Todd at ext. 2921 or