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Course Design at UCO

The Center for eLearning and Connected Environments (CeCE) is proud to partner with UCO faculty in the development of quality online and hybrid courses. CeCE offers instructional design and technology support in the development of over 100 courses per year in an effort to advance the University’s commitment to transformative, blended learning opportunities for UCO students.

Applying to Design a Course at UCO

CeCE works with faculty throughout the year to design quality learning experiences for UCO students. Follow the steps below to begin the course design process.

  • Identify the course you are wishing to design for online offering and verify it is not currently an approved UCOnline Quality Course.  

  • Submit your course request, including course information and syllabus, to your department chair for review.

  • If approved, your department chair will submit a request to the Dean’s Office for review. If approved, Dean's office will submit an application for Online Course Development to CeCE.

CeCE adds newly requested courses to our course design prioritization list and will contact you when your slot comes available.

Note: Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year. We typically have 50 active design projects that last up to 16 weeks each. Most applicants are contacted within 60 days of initial application to begin their course design project; however, we cannot guarantee that time frame as it is dependent on when active design projects conclude.

Our Pledge to Faculty Designers

We fulfill this pledge by guaranteeing the following:

  • A focused design process that is easy and enjoyable to help you create a successful online or hybrid course. 

  • A Certified Learning Environment Architect™ that is dedicated to providing you with personalized support throughout the entire design process.

  • The final product of an outstanding course that exceeds the UCO Online Quality Course guidelines

  • Ongoing support from a collaborative team of 6 Instructional Designers, 4 Instructional Technologists, 3 experts in Photography and Video Production, and an ADA Specialist to support all course designs at UCO.   

Course Design Resources

To learn more about course design at UCO, as well as to assist you during the course design process, please view the following resources.

Course Design Guide
Quality Rubric

UCOnline Quality Course Listing

UCOnline Certified Facilitators

Online Course Quality Policy
Submit an Independently Designed Course for Evaluation


For questions concerning the application process and course contracts, please contact Rhonda Barnett at or (405) 974-5350.

For questions or concerns about current course design projects, please contact Tracy Fairless at or (405) 974-3593.