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Strategic Planning and Innovation

In addition to course design and certifying faculty for online teaching, the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments offers a number of services and resources specifically for Chairs, Dean's and other University Administrators. We are honored to be able to partner with our colleagues across campus in meeting the University's innovation, teaching, and programming needs while advancing the tenets of blended learning.

Services Available

We offer a number of services for the unique needs of Administrators. In addition to our teaching and design programs, we serve UCO in the following capacities:

  • Research regulations and maintain compliance with State Authorization requirements.

  • Program design and blended learning consulting services including the development of blended learning playbooks for academic programs.

  • Support the discovery and sharing of elearning innovations with specialized research and development activities.

  • Maintain database of UCOnline Quality Approved Courses and UCOnline Quality Certified Faculty.

  • Support the development and implementation of online learning communities.

  • Management of Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOC) and Interactive Video Courses (IVC).

Resources for Administrators

To learn more about our services and policies relevant to Administrators as well as access our UCOnline Quality Dashboards, please view the following resources.

Quality Rubric
UCOnline Quality Course Listing
UCOnline Certified Facilitators
Online Course Quality Policy

Submit an Independently Designed Course for Evaluation
Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOC)


For questions concerning the UCOnline Quality Approved Courses and UCOnline Quality Certified Faculty Dashboards, please contact Rhonda Barnett at or (405) 974-5350.

For questions concerning the UCOnline Quality Evaluation process and status of courses currently being designed/evaluated, please contact Tracy Fairless at or (405) 974-3593.

For assistance with blended learning and e-learning retention initiatives, please contact Brad Griffith at or (405) 974-3583.

For questions concerning State Authorizations and SARA, please contact Douglas Miller at or (405) 974-3525.