Interactive Video Courses (IVC)

The Center for e-Learning and Connected Environments (CeCE) at the University of Central Oklahoma provides quality learning opportunities for students who are unable to attend courses on campus due to distance or time. When taking interactive Video Courses (IVC), you interact with your professor and classmates through a live video broadcast. The seating capacity in the IVC classrooms range from 10-32, but the courses can be broadcast off-campus to other receive sites throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Receive sites are typically higher education institutions and centers, vocational and technical centers, and a number of high schools in Oklahoma. A receive site can also be any other location using high speed Internet.

As a part of the enrollment process, students must complete the Receive Site Agreement form to request a reservation at a receive site closest to their work or home or to receive a username and password if using a high speed Internet connection.

For information about a specific IVC, contact the academic department offering the course. For information about scheduling a location to participate in your IVC, contact the IVC office by calling 405-974-5395, by email at or by visiting us in Thatcher Hall, room 308. We will do our best to accommodate your individual needs!

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