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Our Core Values


Our Core Values

Support:  We support and enhance the UCO learning environment.

Excellence: We promote excellence in critical thinking, communication, and a passion for life-long learning.

Empowerment: We empower individuals through educational opportunities.

Community:  We recognize and serve a diverse community of learners.

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The Center for Professional and Distance Education (CPDE) is a self-sustaining division of the University of Central Oklahoma.  CPDE provides high quality educational opportunities in the areas of Professional Education, FlexEd, and On-line Education.


Flex-Ed allows students the most flexibility when earning college credit. Flex-Ed  is composed of two course options Self Paced Online Courses (SPOC) and Interactive Video Education (IVE). With these two options students have the opportunity to enroll in and complete UCO courses from virtually any location in the world.

Distance Education

The third division within CPDE is the Distance Education division. One of the major aims of this division is to create structures that will help faculty members develop quality online courses using a wide range of innovative and interactive technologies, as well as to help them make the sizable leap from teaching in the classroom to teaching online. CPDE utilizes an Online Education Design Team to achieve those ends. The Team, consisting of an Executive Director, Director of Distance Education, Assistant Director of Multi-Media, Assistant Director- Research and Innovations, five Instructional Designers, two Multi Media Specialist, an E-learning Librarian (in cooperation with the Chambers Library), as well as numerous other support staff, works diligently to ensure that the services they provide to the faculty, staff, and students are based on best practices in online education. We are proud to return revenues to the University while creating a transformative faculty support experience which includes pedagogy training, technical training, hardware and software incentives, and financial incentives.


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